What we believe in and has been proved time and again is that creating a good, solid first impression, matters. It is even more so in businesses. The Dot Angle graphics team helps you big time in this regard. We offer creative and innovative designs for you, that carry and convey your message, only in an all the more impressive fashion. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Corporate Branding:

You business card, envelope, letterhead etc represent your business and by extension, represent you. Therefore, they are as good as your Identity. In today’s business world, having just an identity doesn’t help much. An unique and impressive identity almost immediately gives you a considerable edge over your competitors in the profession. Our efficient and experienced graphics team, can give your corporate identity a face-lift that serves all your business needs.

Logo Design:

Be it simple word-marks or completely illustrative logos, Dot Angle can create logos for you keeping in mind the purpose they are expected to serve. The logo is what your clients and customers associate your business with. So logo designing demands a lot of attention & care. Dot Angle designed logos guarantee you get the results you desire.

Image Retouching:

When it comes to advertising, we offer custom image retouching services for various print promotions, web advertising etc. Every image or photo that you find in a website is tailored specifically to create a visual impact. Many forms of media like photos, Flash, Animation, illustrations etc are covered here.

All the above variants of Graphic designs are almost vital for your business, in today’s fiercely competitive world. It is therefore important for a professional team to handle the graphic designs. Choose Dot Angle and see your business grow into newer heights.

We develop the following Plugins and Modules :
Payment Gateway Integration
Shipment Integration
SMS API Integration

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