Best SEO Services for Higher Traffic

Whether your dynamic website wants to leverage local SEO services or your business needs to outsource SEO service, Dot Angle is the route that leads you there!

With over 8 years of experience as a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency in Mysore, Dot Angle shares strong partnership with top brands and is providing 360-degree digital marketing services – from developing a website to site management, crucial site redesign to migration, best SEO (search engine optimization) services to social media marketing, and most importantly, lead generation!

Our 360-Degree Website SEO Services

Partner with Dot Angle for full-fledged professional SEO services to experience results in just 30 days.

Local SEO Services

Wish to target an audience of a certain region or location? Local SEO service is what your business needs. With geo-targeting, you can drive traffic from desired geography. Be it Bangalore, Mysore, Mandya or any area across the country or across the globe. Connect with the team of best SEO consultants around. We know it like the back of the hand.

White Label SEO Services

White Label SEO services or White hat SEO is the Google-approved way of optimizing your website. Our SEO experts leverage white label SEO practices to help you rank higher, drive consistently higher traffic each month, and position your website higher than the competition. Partner with the top SEO agency that knows it all.

International SEO Services

Global SEO or international SEO allows you to target audiences from different countries around the world. All you need is a highly dynamic website and a pack of professional SEO consultants. Partner with Dot Angle today to put your imagination into practice. Search Engine Optimization is Dot Angle’s golden expertise.

eCommerce SEO Services

How does an online store achieve traffic to convert users? It happens with SEO for eCommerce sites. With several years in providing eCommerce SEO services, Dot Angle is another name for advanced digital marketing. Get in touch with our SEO consultants to know what’s the best way possible to achieve higher traffic.

Video Marketing Services

What drives your audience to engage with your business? Creativity that conveys the right message. Our video marketing services drive the highest engagement and attention your business deserves. Get in touch with our video marketing experts to drive higher ROI through video ads & marketing.

What We Offer

Keyword Research

Keyword research is where it all begins:
  • What search terms does your audience use to find what you offer?
  • How is your competition performing for these keywords?
  • How much traffic is your competition driving?
  •  Where are they positioned?
  •  How would it be to rank above them?
Our organic SEO services begin with strong keyword research. We not only analyze your in-market competitors but also your toughest SEO competitors. An SEO agency knows how crucial keyword research is. But the best SEO agency knows how it’s done!

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO – the fundamental pillar of website SEO services that helps different web pages of your site rank for different target keywords.

  • How can your audience reach you?
  • Where do you like to see your site appear? First Page?
  • How do you rank for a certain target keyword?
  •  How do you further optimize a web page?
  • What actions do you want your audience to take once they land on your website?

On-page SEO involves strategically using keywords across a web page to help it rank higher on Google. Meta tags optimization, H1 tags optimization, alt text optimization, internal linking, keyword density management, the list goes on.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization.
  • How do you drive traffic to your website from other websites?
  • How do you post ads (free) on the internet?
  • How does your content reach a wider audience?
  • How do you directly engage with your customers to answer their queries?
Off-Page SEO is everything we do to promote your website & its content on external websites. Backlink generation – Link submissions, classified submissions, article submissions, content syndication & more.

Content Writing

How would search engines know how relevant your site is to the users? High-quality content is still the king.

  • How do your primary web pages perform?
  •  How often should you publish fresh content or blogs?
  •  How often should you optimize existing content?

As a digital marketing agency, Dot Angle is a team of highly proficient content writers to help target the right keywords and maintain keywords density.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the language of search engines. Your site’s performance signals Google whether it is deserving to be presented to users on top of search page results. A poor site performance and critical issues can lead search engine optimization efforts down the drain. From low load time to annoying 404s – get everything fixed & optimized with the best SEO agency now.

SEO Site Audit

Whether your business got a brand new website or perhaps an existing site needs SEO services, an SEO site audit is what we begin with. The report shall include:

  •  Present state of the site
  • Any traffic / keywords it drives
  •  Competition analysis
  •  What SEO keywords to target for
  • Time it would take for your site to rank for

Get in touch with the best SEO agency for a free SEO audit & analysis today!

Case Studies

Real Estate Company

104% organic traffic growth in 6 months

eCommerce Store for Umbrellas

268% organic traffic growth in 6 months

A Luxury 5 Star Resort

302% organic traffic growth in 6 Months

Signage Manufacturer

1257% organic traffic growth in 6 months

Water Unit Manufacturer

89% traffic growth in 6 months

Single-Product Online Shopping Store

0 to 2k traffic growth in 4 months

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